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Lose Your SMART Keys?

We can make keys to your Smart Car when all the keys are missing!

Ask about our 100% money back guarantee!

Expected to pay $3 to $5 for a set of replacement keys and shocked to discover that the dealer wanted $1,500.00-$2,000.00? Even more surprised to hear that you will be waiting more than a week to drive your car?

We can help. We can get your car up and running for a fraction of what it will cost at the dealer.

We are the ONLY source with a solution for your SMART Car when all the original keys are gone.

We can help without towing or buying new equipment for your car.

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"You are my new best friend. The module came yesterday, this morning I just plugged it in and immediately the remote buttons worked. The key turned in both the doors and ignition and then the sweet sound of my Saab coming back to life. Thank you so much, you have saved me quite a bit from the dealers price. If anyone ever asks you for a reference on your services you may give them my e-mail. Thank you again, I'm going for a drive."
Jonathan 2007

"I received and installed the module on Saturday. The install took about 15 minutes. Everything works perfectly, and your service saved me $1500 or more (including the locksmith to let me in the car) over what the local Saab dealer would have charged. You prevented this car from a trip to the wrecking yard. Although it only has 31,000 miles and is in perfect condition otherwise, it is only worth $5000, and it would not have made sense to lay out $2200-2500 for the dealer repair. Thanks again – your service was exactly what you advertised, your removal/install procedures were clear and better than reading a Haynes manual. I would recommend your service to anyone."

"Thanks for all your help in resurrecting my son's 9-3 in New Orleans. Once I got the ignition ring on, it cranked right up, after sitting two months under an overpass, and being bombarded with about 5 pounds of pigeon poop. Thanks again."

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