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How do I pack my module safely?
The best method of packing is to find a box that is slightly larger than your module then wrap the module with one or two layers of bubble wrap and fill any empty space with packing peanuts or crushed newspaper. Please remember to put your completed order form in the box before closing it.

What is your shipping address?
If you are shipping via FedEx or UPS please ship to: Lost Saab Keys; 45 E 300 South; Kanosh, UT 84637. If you are shipping via the Post Office please ship to: Lost Saab Keys; PO Box 307; Kanosh, UT 84637.

What is the best shipping method (ie UPS, FedEx)?
UPS, FedEx and the post office all deliver to this address every day. UPS and FedEx are the only carriers that can ship your package here overnight (1 Day Air). The post office is the most economical and can get your package here in 2 days for around $28 (Express shipping) or 3-4 days for around $10 (Priority shipping).

I'm trying to ship my package via UPS or FedEx and they say that your address isn't valid and not in their database. Is my package really going to get to you?
It has come to our attention that our physical address is not in the national address database that UPS and FedEx uses. If your shipping carrier doesn't show the above address as in existence, don't worry. USPS, United States Postal Service, has been managing the national address database since 9/11. Kanosh, Utah is a very rural location and USPS only has Post Office boxes here and therefore doesn't list a physical address for us. Other carriers have been delivering to this physical address for 20+ years. We receive packages from UPS and FedEx nearly every day. We will receive yours.